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Notice Protection Service — FAQs

Updated on 02-01-24

Why should I use Notice Protection?

To save you time while providing you peace of mind in dealing with the IRS’s expanding untrained workforce.

What is covered and what isn’t?

Notice protection services include professional consultation resolving common federal and state income tax notices. Common notices include the following issues: mismatch of tax payments to tax years, income underreporting notices, mismatch of income reported to the IRS, identity theft bulletins, proposed changes to the tax return and notices of tax due. This service is intended to give taxpayers peace of mind and quality professional advice in addressing any federal or state notices received.

As no policy can cover or foresee all circumstances, Notice Protection Service covers up to 8 hours of our staff’s professional time in connection with resolving a taxpayer notice (~$2000). Notice Protection services extend up to but stop short of requesting a conference with the IRS Office of Appeals (and the state equivalent). This service is not audit insurance. Notice protection does not provide professional representation should your tax return be selected for an audit. On a case-by-case basis, we may offer representation services in the event your returns are selected for an audit, but those fees are not covered under our Notice Protection Service.

What is the fee for Notice Protection Service?

The fee is 20% of the tax preparation fee. If 20% of the tax preparation fee is less than $100, then the notice protection service fee will be adjusted to $100.

What happens if I receive a notice from the IRS or state?

Provide a copy of the notice within 7 calendar days to our firm; you are responsible for providing the notice in a timely and secure manner. We do not receive duplicate copies of notices from the IRS or state. We may request additional information from you in order to properly respond to the notice. Those requests should be responded to promptly to meet the response deadline. Keen & Company is not responsible for providing support for notices not provided to our firm in a timely manner.

What if the notice arises from Keen & Company’s error?

Our firm will cover any penalties and interest assessed due to an error on the part of our firm. (all income tax is your responsibility). If the error arose from incorrect or incomplete information provided to our firm, you will be responsible for any penalties and interest assessed.

May I cancel or opt out of Notice Protection Service?

The fee will be automatically added to all invoices. The service is optional, and you can opt out prior to paying your invoice or within 30 days of purchase.

Is this same service provided for state agencies?

Yes, Notice Protection Service is provided for IRS and state tax agencies. As a reminder, you must provide any notice received in a timely manner.

Does this cover amended tax returns and tax returns that are filed late?

Amended and Late filed returns will be offered Notice Protection Services on a case-by-case basis.

Is Notice Protection Service available for prior year returns prepared by Keen & Company?

No, this service is not available for prior year returns.

If I opt out of Notice Protection and receive a notice, what should I do?

If you don’t want to resolve the notice on your own, you can hire our firm to assist. The minimum fee for resolving notices not covered by our Notice Protection service is $500 and must be paid prior to any action by our firm’s associates. We are happy to review your notice to ensure that there wasn’t some error on the part of our firm free of charge.

Are my business return(s) eligible for Notice Protection Services?

Not at this time. We hope to make this available in the future.

Are all personal returns eligible for Notice Protection Services?

Personal returns with Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of less than $2,000,000 are eligible for notice protection services. Personal returns with Adjusted Gross Incomes in excess of $2,000,000 are eligible on a case-by-case basis.